Tuesday 30 April 2019

Cherokee Named Messenger

What's in a name?

I recently learned some interesting tidbits about my birth name.

Dave means "beloved"

Harm means "warrior."

A beloved warrior.  So it's only fitting that this warrior is now a member of the Cherokee Nation.

On August 4, 2009 I was accepted as a Cherokee at heart.  This is what was said...

"You, Dave Harm, are now named  "Messenger"   (A tse Nu sti)...I name you Messenger, after observing you and the message of love and hope and strength that you give.... so Dave the Messenger.....is now a Cherokee Indian... May your life song be long and your path smoother and straighter...This I pray to our Great Spirit...."U NE QUA."  You are now a Cherokee with some Shawnee in him....WELCOME my brother Dave Harm."

So the beloved warrior has a new name - Messenger.  Not only delivering the message, but also sharing it and receiving it. 

I was admitted into the Wolf Clan of the Cherokee Nation.  What does this mean?

Ani'-Wah' Ya or Wolf Clan is the largest clan today and the most prominent clan, providing most of the war chiefs, and warriors. True Ani'-Wah' Ya are protectors of the people. The wolf clan are keepers and trackers of the wolf and the only clan who could kill a wolf through special ceremonies and wolf medicines. The Clan colour of the Ani'-Wah' is Red and their wood is Hickory. 

Wolf's wisdom includes...
* Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage   * Death and rebirth   * Spirit teaching   * Guidance in dreams and meditations    * Instinct linked with intelligence   * Social and familial values   * Outwitting enemies   * Ability to pass unseen  * Steadfastness   * Skill in protection of self and family   * Taking advantage of change

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