Friday 26 April 2019


All written material on the Dreaming with Dave is owned by Dave Harm Copyright©1994 - 2021 permission required for any use of material from that site, as well as other sites, including but not limited to works on the Self-Growth and E-Zine websites.

None of the written property can be used in any manner or any form without permission. This can be requested by e-mail.

All personal photos on these pages are owned by Dave Harm.

12 Step Creating Dreams Logo is an original creation of Dave Harm Publications and can not be used, except as a link to 
The song A Thousand Times was an original poem of Dave Harm and turned into a song by the group Moes Haven.  That group signed off on the ownership of the song and gave the rights to Dave Harm.

All the poems that appear on the
Purple Power CD are owned by Dave Harm, while all the songs were composed by Kevin MacLeod.

The musical compositions that created the CD
12, were based on poems written by Dave Harm.  The conversion to songs was created by K. Collins and all music performed by Alan Haven.  The two gave all rights of ownership of these creations to Dave Harm.

Spirituality and 12 Steps computer graphic is an original creation of Creating Dreams Publications and can not be used without acquiring permission from
The circle and triangle logo was created by Milagro Website Design and is the property of Creating Dreams.

The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is a registered copyright of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The 12 Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous was adapted from the 12 Steps of AA.

The 12 Steps of Adult Children Anonymous and Adult Children of Alcoholics was adapted from the 12 Steps of AA.

The 12 Steps of Self-Parenting were adapted from the 12 Steps of AA and were created by Patricia O'Gorman, Ph.D. and Philip Diaz, M.S.W.

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