Friday, 21 June 2019

Andrea Scherling

My tribute poems started with the lady pictured below.  The poem below is not one of them though.  Andrea
Scherling wrote it two weeks before her death. Andrea died at the age of 18, from a rare heart defect. She
was truly a special person, wise before her years. She left this world on February 5, 2000. She loved to
write, years later, people were still finding notes of hers. So today, I'd like to introduce her to all of you.

Andrea wrote this in a card and gave it to me, shortly before one of my ex-wife's surgeries for cancer. She
was a vital part of our families recovery plans. She often stayed up late talking with Betty at our kitchen
table. She offered to babysit, if Betty couldn't do it and offered to drive Betty to her chemo sessions. She
was a true friend to this whole family and I'm still amazed at how much she taught me. Andrea was part of
the reason, my book ended up with a chapter entitled "Omega." When I presented the idea to include her in
my book to her Mom, she loved it, saying her worse fear would be that people would forget her daughter.
Believe me, anyone who knew her will never forget her.  Now folks... here is Andrea...

"The love of those,
who care for us,
can be a healing thing.
As warm and bright and comforting,
as sunny days in spring.

The love of those who care for us,
So often brings a smile.
To cheer our thoughts,
To lift our hearts,
To make life, more worthwhile.

The love of those who care for us,
Can help us everyday.
For love's the kind of miracle,
That always finds a way."

No, this won't be easy,
Nor will it be short.
But the situation exists.
What we need to do now,
Is let the doctors do their work,
And be at Betty's side.

Through each operation,
And each therapy session,
We must hold Betty's hand.
She is strong and so are you.
But when you start to break down,
Dave, remember all the people,
That are here for you.
I'll be the first in line,
To listen, if you let me.
Let's get Betty through this.
God Bless,
Andrea Scherling

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