Saturday, 22 June 2019

Our Boy Is A Man

we changed your diapers
and watched you grow…
so very fast
little league baseball
and midget football
you learned to compete
we shared your victories
and hugged you through defeats

where did the time go
one year in kindergarten
then… off to the prom
riding a tricycle
then… cruising main street
in your sports car
holding mommy and daddy’s hands
then… hugging your own child

you grew into a young man
and made choices…
that brought us pride
but now we’ll live with anxiety
we’re parents and we’ll always…
think of you as our little boy
and as you fight to protect our freedom
we’ll count the days until you come home

we’re sorry if we shed some tears
and don’t want to stop hugging you
but it’s the last time we’ll see you for awhile
we know you’re trained and ready to go
just always remember…
your whole family loves you

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