Friday, 21 June 2019

Joyful Memories

For two years, I worked with a young man, who was a joy and a headache at the same time. He lived life to the fullest and found joy in making others laugh. He was killed in a car crash about eight months ago and I don't think there was one day at work that didn't pass without someone telling a story about Jon. He was an innocent, carefree, intelligent man who at the same time could be characterized as a "bull in a china shop."

July 9, 2005 would have been Jon's 25th birthday. With this poem I wanted his parents to know, that we still think about them and that Jon is still a very big part of our memories...

Not quite a quarter of a century
dreams never totally realized
not quite long enough to leave a legacy
broken hearts, still mourns, still cries

Not quite 25 years
couldn’t achieve your goals
today, we remember with tears
a young man with a carefree soul

At work, you seem to make the day
joking and looking for a bite to eat
with things you did or words you’d say
shaking our heads, laughing out of our seats

Your memory will always live on
stories retold time after time
still hard to believe you’re gone
your smile lives on in our mind

It was hard to stay mad
at some of the things that were done
you’re one of a kind and I’m glad
we got to share time under the same sun

Gave it your all and you lived with a zest
Today on your birthday,
wishing you peace and rest
Spreading your wings you began to fly
And I’m sure you’re saying…
“I’m happy, please don’t cry.”

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