Friday, 21 June 2019

Ode To The Fruitcake Man

A man I worked with for the last 11 plus years retired in 2007, after being in the baking business for over 40 years. I wrote this poem and the company put it on some fancy paper and than had it professionally matted and framed.  I enjoy these types of personal poems, which I read at the retirement party. The real thrill, for me, is reading it with a pause in a certain place, bringing it to life. By the end, I had the guy in tears! Success!!!

there was a man a long, long, time ago
who talked of fruits and bread dough
he preached of the sweets and the booze thrown in
and how his product was better then sin

through the years he walked in many doors
coast to coast at food shows, shops, and stores
it didn't take long for the word to get around
when the fruitcake man was back in town

trying to convince others of its unique appeal
always dreaming of the million pound deal
"if we could do this," or "if we could do that"
"man, our wallets would certainly get fat"

Yeah, he was the man that sold fruitcakes
don't laugh, he heard all the jokes, for goodness sakes
fruits and nuts will never look the same
he's throwing in the towel, retiring from this game

somewhere in fruitcake lore
will be the story of the man who walked these floors
as he gets in his truck and rides away
we'll wave... and remember the good old days

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