Friday, 21 June 2019

What Would He Had Said

In memory of Jon Shada, died in a car crash in October of 2004.  I trained Jon where we worked.  A young man who loved life.

When this young man,
Is laid to rest,
We're left wondering,
Did we see him at his best?
Plans for a future, he often told.
Ideas were creative and bold!
Told with a sparkle in his eye,
Of inventions,
He'd be willing to try.

Happy and carefree,
This is what we'd all see.
A smile, that put us at ease.
With a joke, he'd try to tease.
There was no anger or hatred,
From this gentle-man.
He enjoyed his time,
Living in this land.

Dreams of college,
Were on the way.
He had hopes for a better day.
We lost more,
Then a young man today.
A voice for our future....
.....went silent....
...........nothing more to say....

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