Saturday, 22 June 2019

Men (And Women) Of Closter

Front of the courthouse,
it found its home.
Names of people,
standing together,
yet… all alone.
Served their country
in a far away land.
In the jungles of Vietnam
they made their stand.

There was respect for names
on the wall.
The town of Closter,
was proud of them all.
Young men and women,
from my hometown.
Most made it back…
but… four ended up in the ground.

A few years earlier,
going to school,
at old Demarest.
Then we prayed,
that they’d be blessed.
No longer girls and boys,
playing games with innocent toys.

Only their “brothers” could understand,
when they returned,
from that strange land.
It’s been thirty years since wars end.
Hearts still healing,
still on the mend…
I hope we never forget,
to be proud of our…
Vietnam Vets

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