Friday, 21 June 2019

Our Mom And Best Friend

A poem I read at my ex-mother-in-law's funeral in 2005... I entitled it

Jim, Harold, John, Betty, and Ray
your children... and their families...
we’re all with you on this special day.

We’re comforted with thoughts,
of a sleep full, peaceful rest
and through our tears
we know we were blest.

Many pictures line our walls
but our memories will be the best of all
the stories that you often told
sharing a family history, worth more then gold

No more walkers... no more pain...
no more wheelchairs... able to walk again
we’ll find comfort knowing Dad
is by your side, showing you the way
and we’ll smile as we watch you two
dance the days away...

So many pants patched, hems raised,
buttons replaced and quilts made.
So many meals prepared, so many beds made
your work never seemed to be done,
but yet, you always had time for us and shared
in our fun.

You watched your children,
have children of their own
and your love for them was well known.
These grandchildren of yours,
kept the family tree alive
and it all started with the original family of five

13 grandchildren and 9 great-children, too
descendants of both Dad and you
it was your love that kept this family alive
and it is this love... that will always be by our side

Someday we’ll smile again...
but right now it’s hard...
...we lost our best friend...

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