Friday, 21 June 2019

Their Time

On New Years Eve Day 1939, my in-laws (ex) were married. Except for two years during WWII and the year after my father-in-law past away, they spent every year together. New Years Eve 2005 they celebrated their first anniversary together for all eternity. I only had the privilege of knowing them for nine years, but they were truly magnificent people.  I wrote this poem using their thoughts and words...

On a cold winter day
our hearts were warm
by each others side we would stay

Only separated by World War II
at the end of the year
always reminiscing, saying “I do.”

In Marysville, Kansas we became one
New Years Eve was everyday
and our love was never done

Commitment our children would see
a bond they’d understand
within the strength of family

Love grew with new sons and daughters, too
children by marriage
we love everyone of you

We watched you start families of your own
grand-children bouncing on our knees
our little children were now grown

The years kept flying by
but we were never alone
now great-grandchildren were by our side

We’ll always be with you
but now it’s time
never forget we love you

We’re starting a new life together
it’s fresh and it’s new
and our love will last forever…

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