Friday, 21 June 2019

Thinking Of Our Angel

Thinking of our Angel I wrote on the sixth anniversary of Andrea's death. ( 5 FEB 2006)

Andrea Marie Scherling, was a lot more then my stepson Brad's girlfriend. She was a friend to everyone she ever met. I truly believe she knew her time in this world would be short, so she lived it with love and happiness...

It's been six years,
yet... time seems
like it was yesterday.

Wonderful memories
will always guide us
and lead us...

We all know
that we were blessed...
a vibrant smile,
a warmth shown
by an enlightened
spiritual presence.

It's been six years
since Andrea Marie left
and it's been six years
since an angel
entered our lives

We've been blessed
more then once
for we know
by our side...
she will stay

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